Written by Lethal_Axel, 01 November 2014 20:01

Planned features

The MCAnimator is available and stable, but it's only a Beta. This is a good news, because it means we will keep improving it and adding new features based on your feedbacks and comments.
We have decided to make a public list of all the work-in-progress and planned features. If you have an idea and is not included in the following list, feel free to contact us to suggest it!

Planned features:

  • Create TurboModelThingy projects
  • Export as item
  • Blender importer/exporter
  • Animations: allow functions like sin, cos, tan for rotations
  • CubeWorld to Minecraft importer
  • Cubic projects: creating CubeWorld-like static models
  • Animations: allow changing offsets and dimensions
  • Animations: hide/show boxes
  • Animations: drag n drop keyframes
  • Allow Python scripts for creating models procedurally
  • Undo/Redo commands
  • Texture Editor: multiple texturemaps selection
  • Texture Editor: color replacer tool
  • Models as child of other models (to allow complex fusions between models)
  • Export for 1.8 blocks (.json files)
  • Copy-paste with reflection along one of the X,Y,Z axis
  • Keybindings
  • Circular arrays of boxes

Next upcoming versions will try to implement all these ideas into the MCAnimator.
Please, feel free to suggest more cool features!

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