Star Wars mod

Choose your destiny, explore the galaxy and join epic StarWars battles.

Bleach mod

Fight many evil hollows, use your Zanpakuto and activate the Shikai.

Fantastic Fish mod

It's time to add more creatures into your seas! Discover, fish and hunt many new water mobs.

Falling harmony

Add lots of epicness into Minecraft, prepare for the most epic creatures and bosses.

Written by Lethal_Axel, 01 August 2014 17:07

Falling Harmony is a planned mod that we are going to make. It will add many epic bosses and enemies to the game without altering any other Minecraft aspect. Because of this, it will be perfect for incredible modpacks and epic battles.

Check this page later for more news and for the first screenshots.

Looking for modelers: you are good at modeling with the MCAnimator and want to join this project? Contact us in our Facebook page:

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