Written by Lethal_Axel, 24 October 2014 13:47

Star Wars mod - 1.1.5F



After some releases we fixed all the critical bugs for the 1.1.5 version.
The main problems were caused by the new Minecraft 1.7.2 code which has changed how some things work into the game.
Luckily thanks to you guys, we got many reports and logs to stabilize the mod and let you play on multiplayer (and on the official server obviously) without crashes or big problems.


This is what we have done for the 1.1.5F version:

  • Update to Minecraft 1.7.2 (Forge
  • New robes: jedi/sith robes now hide your name in multiplayer!
  • FIX: special mobs spawn only once
  • FIX: KitFisto lightsaber is now visible
  • FIX: lighting of the Force doesn't block you anymore
  • FIX: players can be hit by throwing the lightsaber
  • FIX: Virtual Shop in communicator now works correctly
  • FIX: invisibility now hide your username
  • FIX: Slow down magnaguard when they jump
  • FIX: removed class for Java 6 compatibility, reduced a bit performance (blame on people who don't update Java)

The last point is important because it seems that many players don't actually know how to update their Java to the latest version. This has a very little bit reduced the chunks loading speed in custom dimensions, but you mainly won't notice it!


You can download the SW mod 1.1.5F in the download page.

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