Star Wars mod

Choose your destiny, explore the galaxy and join epic StarWars battles.

Bleach mod

Fight many evil hollows, use your Zanpakuto and activate the Shikai.

Fantastic Fish mod

It's time to add more creatures into your seas! Discover, fish and hunt many new water mobs.

Falling harmony

Add lots of epicness into Minecraft, prepare for the most epic creatures and bosses.

Written by Lethal_Axel, 18 November 2014 17:03


Minecraft biomes are all beautiful but sometimes its Ocean could seem a bit...empty! The Fantastic Fish mod will add several water creatures to your game and also many tools to hunt and fish them. Your Minecraft world will never have silent seas anymore: sharks, whales, lobsters, shells, special fishes, manta rays and many other living beings will populate the waters, creating stunning aquatic biomes. Sea life is boring? Think twice with the Fantatic Fish mod!

Written by Lethal_Axel, 18 November 2014 16:25

Have you ever wanted fighting against evil spirits using awesome melee weapons that can evolve? If you already know Bleach anime then you will surely enjoy this involving mod, otherwise it's time for you to check it and discover a whole new way of playing Minecraft: choose between different factions, kill evil hollows with your Zanpakuto, activate Shikai using your spiritual energy and unlock many hidden abilities!

Written by Lethal_Axel, 24 October 2014 13:47



After some releases we fixed all the critical bugs for the 1.1.5 version.
The main problems were caused by the new Minecraft 1.7.2 code which has changed how some things work into the game.
Luckily thanks to you guys, we got many reports and logs to stabilize the mod and let you play on multiplayer (and on the official server obviously) without crashes or big problems.

Written by Lethal_Axel, 01 September 2014 19:58



Explore the Universe of Star Wars in Minecraft with this unique mod!
While Minecraft let's you create and visit almost inifite worlds, this mod introduces many StarWars creatures, 5 different factions you can join, learning the Force, crafting lightsabers and weapons, visit new worlds like Tatooine, create your favourited buildings using awesome new blocks and much more.


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