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The MCAnimator is a brand-new software for Minecraft modelling. Differently from its ancestor Techne, the MCAnimator is bug-free and lets you create the model, paint its texture and animate it at the same time...3 in 1!
You can also import your old models from Techne and, soon, from CubeWorld and Blender.

Check out this little video-preview:

 Latest 10 FAQs:

The MCAnimator is a very big project and the team behind it spends a lot of their time in developing it. If you find it useful, you may support us on Patreon.com or do a very little donation to help us with the costs of the website.
Not yet. We are working on a way for making this, but we will need some time.
Yes you can, but not in an official way. You should edit some classes and it requires a basic knowledge of Java. One of the next releases will add the option to directly export your model as item.
Sure you can. We created an importer to help you in this: from the Top Menu->File->Import from Techne. It will load the model and the texture if it has been already created.
Of course it does. MCAnimator is the only modeling software for Minecraft that works in Windows, Mac and Linux.
MCAnimator does the same things of Techne, but better and more. First of all you can create models for your mods without any Techne bug and limitation. The new parent-child system also allow a correct control of model joints and it is also the requisites to do the animations. You can also paint and create your texture inside the MCA and importing Techne and related programs. Whatever you didn't have in Techne, it exists in MCAnimator.
Some animations can't be created within the MCA as they depend on some external events. For example a "look at" animation needs to know the position to look at. For this reason we have created some methods inside the MCALibrary that will help you creating your custom animation directly in code.
In order to use the models and the animations created with the MCAnimator, your mod code needs to include a little library, made of classes that Minecraft normaly doesn't have. This is the MCALibrary and it will be provided among the exported files. This library also provides useful tools like the ability to create custom animations.
Yes you can. When an animation is running, it moves trough its frames. Every time this happens, an Animation Event is fired. You can then check for the current frame and execute some custom code like playing a sound, spawning some effects, applying damage, etc.
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